Visit Southland Lanes and check out our Pinball Arcade, now with 18 different games!

February Pinball League

February 4th – March 3rd

Play 4 different games each week for 4 weeks. Play games at any time through out the week, take a picture of your score with the league flyer on the backglass, and text it in! No meeting at a certain time, no social interaction required!

$10 entry + Coin Drop (A.K.A you have to pay for your games of pinball!)

February League Details & Rules Here


Past Standings: October 2018 | November 2018 | December 2018

Pinball Knockout Tournaments

Play in our once a month Pinball Knockout Tournament!
Next Tournament is Wednesday, February 6 @ 7PM (Check-in Starts at 6PM)

Players are divided into groups of 3 and 4 in each round and play an assigned game
The bottom two players in a 4 player game receive a strike
Only the bottom player in a 3 player game receives a strike
Players are eliminated after receiving 4 strikes

$10 Entry ($1 IFPA Fee / $9 towards Prize Pool) + Coin Drop (Game Credits)


Full Knockout Details & Rules Here

 Game List

P.o.t.C (Jersey Jack, 2018)
Deadpool (Stern, 2018)
RollerCoaster Tycoon (Stern, 2002)
Metallica (Stern, 2013)
Star Wars (Stern, 2017)
Ghostbusters (Stern, 2016)
Rocky & Bullwinkle (Data East, 1993)
Batman (Data East, 1991)
Spiderman (Stern, 2007)
Pinbot (Williams, 1986)
Genesis (Gottlieb, 1986)
Rollergames (Williams, 1990)
Diner (Williams, 1990)
  Cyclone (Williams, 1988)
Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East, 1992)
World Cup Soccer (Bally, 1994)
Party Zone (Bally, 1991)
Maverick (Data East, 1994)

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