We now have 31 Pinball Machines on location!

Our selection ranges from classic 70’s and 80’s favorites to the latest games such as James Bond, Halloween and Godzilla!

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Cleveland Pinball League


Cleveland Pinball League is a great social pinball to join that is fun for both seasoned competitive players, and new players alike!

Players have the option to play Sundays @ 1PM or Wednesdays @ 8PM at Superelectric Pinball Parlor, or Thursdays at 8PM here at Southland Lanes.

Weekly Wizard Tournaments!

Weekly Wizard is a weekly tournament series held at Southland Lanes and Superelectric Pinball Parlor between seasons of Cleveland Pinball League. $5 entry, 6 strikes FAIR STRIKES knockout. Starts at 7PM Sharp on Mondays
Southland Dates: 2/13, 2/27
Superelectic Dates: 2/20

Winter Selfie League

Our Selfie League is a great casual league to play in, because you can play your league games for the week any time the bowling alley is open! Play on YOUR SCHEDULE! There are 6 games per week to play. Play each one, and text in a picture of your score for credit. We wrap up after 8 weeks with finals and cash payouts!

WINTER SELFIE LEAGUE HAS STARTED!!! Check out our Facebook Event page for all the details:

Current Game List

Attack From Mars Remake (Chicago Gaming, 2017)

Avengers Infinity Quest (Stern, 2020)

Black Knight Sword of Rage (Stern, 2019)

Cactus Canyon Remake (Chicago Gaming, 2021)

Cinema (Chicago Coin, 1976)

Cyclone (Williams, 1988)

Deadpool (Stern, 2018)

Elvira’s House of Horrors (Stern, 2019)

Foo Fighters (Stern, 2023) – COMING SOON!

Genesis (Gottlieb, 1986)

Godzilla Premium (Stern, 2022)

Guns N Roses (Jersey Jack, 2020)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Stern, 2017)

Halloween (Spooky, 2021)

James Bond 007 (Stern, 2022)

Jurassic Park (Data East, 1993)

Jurassic Park Premium (Stern, 2019)

Mandalorian (Stern, 2021)

Mata Hari (Bally, 1978)

Monopoly (Stern, 2001)

Monster Bash Remake (Chicago Gaming, 2018)

Nip It (Bally, 1973)

Pin*Bot (Williams, 1986)

RollerCoaster Tycoon (Stern, 2002)

Rush (Stern, 2022)

Scooby-Doo (Spooky, 2023)

Space Invaders (Bally, 1980)

Taxi (Williams, 1988)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Stern, 2020)

The Walking Dead (Stern, 2014)

Top Score (Gottlieb, 1975)

Toy Story 4 (Jersey Jack, 2022)

World Cup Soccer (Bally, 1994)